Hi. Welcome to
Opawa Baptist Church.


Who is Opawa Baptist?

Our church has been described as friendly and welcoming, with a current membership of 70–80 people, located in the diverse suburbs of Waltham/Opawa. We are a church which encourages spiritual growth, with home groups meeting during the week, as well as short courses, and sermon based devotionals. 'Soak' meditational services are run throughout the year.

We partner with those serving God both at home and around the globe. We work alongside the Baptist mission organization Tranzsend, supporting a number of families working in Asia to provide hope and healing to those in need.


Opawa Baptist Church’s purpose, in common with every Christian church, is to be the junior partner in God’s mission of —

saving a people;

transforming us into God’s likeness;

and drawing us into the loving life of God.


Meet the team

Opawa Baptist Church is located in Waltham, Christchurch. We're doing our best to love those in our local community, our neighbours, the streets we live in, our workmates and anyone else we meet.
We are an open membership church and a member of the Baptist Churches of New Zealand. Our team each wear many hats, and are in and out of the church on a daily basis, here’s a little about what we do:

Rod Robson.png

senior pastor

Rod has been at Opawa since 2016 as our interim pastor, and was formally called to be our Pastor at the beginning of 2018. This is his third pastorate and he loves his role here.  He is particularly attached to our Espresso machine and can make a mean cup of coffee. Trust Rod to know all the best coffee café’s in town!

Chris Landers.png


Emma takes care of the children and families at Opawa, as well as looking after the building and facilities. She is the go-to person if you need to find something, repair something, create something or even eat something ! We think Emma might live here somewhere, (although we haven’t found her bed), as it’s not often a day goes by when she’s not at the church.


Chris's role is more than just Sunday music and notices, it extends to coordinating the service and the many volunteers involved. He is talented at finding nice pictures for the screen and creating mood music for quiet, prayerful moments.

Chris’ music and faith background is varied, and brings a good mix to the Sunday services!


pastoral care

Robyn enjoys meeting and chatting with people at church and during the week ventures out to visit folk who could do with some support. This usually entails coffee in some form - another coffee lover here!

Robyn also puts her creative streak to work in Sunday services, endeavouring to provide opportunities for creative worship and response.



Andrew has had the advantage of being one of the young people at Opawa during his teens and, with a small break to Otago to complete his degree, is now our Youth Pastor. Leave it to Andrew to know what goes down well with the teens of today! Our kids are keeping Andrew young and energetic, as does his very enthusiastic dog, Dakota. Andrew works for Opawaho Trust at two nearby schools in town!  

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